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About Company

We specialize in providing various freight solutions for all of your logistics needs, round the clock.

As an independent freight solution company, we have access to one of the largest logistic networks of brokers and shippers in the industry, which means your business has access to vast network of logistics solution provider nationwide.


Our business is built on top notch services that are tailored for our valued customers with affordable pricing.

What We Do

We are optimists who Love to work for you.

Truck Dispatch Service

Our dedicated team of dispatchers provides you all the support you need like navigating the loads, negotiating with brokers to ...

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Business Advisory Service

The trucking industry in the United States is of paramount importance. Commercial trucks are responsible for nearly 2/3 rd of ...

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

We have a team of expert accountants who provide accounting/bookkeeping, and other financial services to our clients globally. You just ...

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Satisfied Clients

Why Choose Us

Because We care.

Excellent Dispatch Services

In order to accomplish something, you must give it all. We have all that it takes to be an excellent and proactive dispatch service. Our team always has maintained a positive and professional attitude towards providing dispatch and other logistics services to our clients globally.

Hassle Free Trucking

In our dispatch department, we have experts who are well equipped with updated industry knowledge of latest market trends, and technologies. We use this competence to increase revenue of our clients at same time reducing their costs and hassles.

Candid and Methodical Services

While you are on the road, all you need is a reliable expert backing you throughout your expedition by providing all the support you need anytime, anywhere. We see our clients as the drivers of our success journey. Every day we thrive to make your experience better and better. We always understand the pain you go through, and our aim is always to take care of it with great commitment professionally.

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What People and Clients Think About Us?

I have been driving for more than a decade and used the services of many dispatchers. I wouldn’t mind saying that Team Rewton is the best and affordable dispatch service I got. They keep me rolling with good rates.

Jerry brown

Team Rewton guys are very thorough professionals and very strong negotiators. They take care of all my paperwork, book me best paying freight, and fight hard for any accessorial charges. Highly recommended.

John Doe

I am doing business with Rewton Logistics for about a year, haven’t needed another dispatcher ever since. Excellent support while you are on the road. And they don’t break the bank on their pricing structure.

Steve Mathew

Working with the Team Rewton you become part of the team. These people are very helpful when you have problems. I always trust their judgment in finding and booking the best loads and never regretted my decision.

Thomas Hobbes

Awesome service I must say., Highly recommended. They always get me home on time. They plan and keep me booked up with loads as long as I have hours. Very professional behavior treats me with respect!

Ron Perry

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