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Archive for January 4th, 2022

Why shouldn’t I dispatch my own trucks?

Most owner operators get into this business to haul freight and make money, then find themselves slowed down by all the paperwork, regulatory requirements, and negotiations. These things actually set you back from doing what actually makes you money.

What will Team Rewton do for my business?

Time is money, if you waste it now you pay for it later. We buy you time by taking care of all your hassles like finding loads, negotiating with brokers, paperwork etc. so you can make more money doing what you do best. When it comes to negotiating, we aim to get you the best […]

In-house dispatchers, isn’t it a cheaper option?

Shockingly, no. If you want to hire adept and professionally competent resource for in-house dispatching, you need to develop and undergo a pretty robust hiring process, which will cost both time and money. Even if you find what you are looking for going through all that inconvenience, then comes another expense, renting office space, then […]

Do I have to get into a long term contract?

Absolutely not. We will have a non-binding agreement with you. Means if you don’t get what you are looking for you can move on, without any legal implications. But one thing I can assure you, once you are onboard with us, you will fall in love with our dispatch services.

Do I need my own MC?

We work with owners/operators working under their own MC authorities — but also with carriers with company drivers.

Do you work with new authorities?

Absolutely. We love helping owner operators and carriers in all stages of their business progression. What we look for are keen, hardworking drivers, period. Realistically, if you are a new carrier, it may initially be harder for us to find you the best loads because most shippers and brokers prefer carriers with MC authorities more […]

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